So, it seems that one Glenn Beck is trying to extend his own unimpressive 15 minutes. And dear Sarah Palin – appearing quite desperate to latch on to anything that vaguely promises to extend her relevance, however superficial, especially so diminutive after arguably relegating to mocking caricature an already historically doomed presidential bid by John McCain for her inept and embarrassingly awkward “face-time”, is harmonizing her own now famously contrived earthy “mama grizzly” chest thumping of “take America back”.

Back from what? From whom?? I find it interesting – okay, full disclosure, I find it amusingly offensive – that they would choose the anniversary and the very locale of Dr. King’s arguably most famous and poignant “I Have a Dream” speech.

Are you two saying that we need to take America back from the likes of Dr. King and we who cherish and try to live up to his example in our own lives?

And Beck, a professed Christian and evangelist, seems remarkably hypocritical and opportunistic for this half-assed side show that portends to stake some shallow claim to moral authority by what can only be regarded as a pointless and laughably futile attempt at garnering some of the prestige and grace of an American- and civil rights hero by associating himself with the permanently carved destiny and historical place of this man whose memory he is wholly unworthy to honor.

When pressed for some articulation of their message – indeed their *point*, they seemed rather unable to find one. These rebels without a cause could muster no more intelligent and/or thought out reason than to utter the same tired cliches that, suspiciously, seem selected to endear themselves to both the Tea Party and the more moderate conservatives.

Fine. Politics as usual. But, pray tell, where the hell were they going when they stated that America seems to be “falling into darkness”? PLEASE tell me that they hadn’t, in most subconscious fashion, exposed their unease by unwittingly referencing the complexion of America’s president, who is arguably this era’s fulfillment of Dr. King’s legacy!

I find it VERY telling and disturbing that that – in the kindest light I’ll categorize it as a Freudian slip – particular wording of an already cynical and unmotivating message, would be hollered from the pulpit MUCH more gracefully and credibly occupied by the late great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in whose stead and shadow they…um….PALE in comparison!

Written by stanwshura

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